Peaking Out

Central Park, February 2015.

As I write this initial post, my segue into the world of blogging, I sit in my apartment as yet another snowstorm takes over Manhattan. Despite the poetic nature of this imagery, winter weather has been plaguing the city with no end in sight–so much for Spring being just around the corner. And while the fresh powder slowly turns to gray slush I can’t help but feel an inconsolable veil of melancholy taking over me. I find myself scrolling through different travel sites planning imaginary getaways and looking through photos of past travels. A weeklong vacation in Jamaica seems to be quite reasonably priced as long as I can make it to the airport within the next 3 hours! This is where I find comfort: the adrenaline rush of new adventures, beautiful scenery, and the carefree mentality of being far, far away from home. While I have found many loves in life, nothing gives me greater joy than embarking on a new journey. Friends have always asked why I don’t start blogging about my travels and other, much more extrinsic, loves but I have always responded with an excuse from my endless arsenal of thinly-veiled insecurities: what would I write about? who would even care? what if I stop traveling and have no material to sustain it? For whatever reason, tonight seems to be the night that my common sense has taken a backseat and here I am peaking out.

  1. keep going through the window to the world of the free, dahlin’. nice writing.


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