Èze, France: May 2014

IMG_8221 IMG_8222IMG_8220 (1)

One of the biggest perks of living on the Côte d’Azur was the proximity to breathtaking locations. Last year we found ourselves lucky enough to experience one of the worst winters in the area since the mid-1900’s (still a far cry from the savage winters I survived living in New England); so when the warm weather finally returned everyone was fiending for some sunshine and languid beach lounging with a bottle (okay, several) of rosè. However, Bae and I happen to be incredibly vain creatures so daily gym sessions could not be forgone! Although, amendments to our daily practices could be made and there were numerous occasions when we would get in the car and start driving to the country club when suddenly and impetuous decision to visit a seaside village would be made.

On one such occasion we found ourselves at the adorable village on a cliff called Èze. We spent the day exploring the gardens and stunning views of the riviera. Thankfully the area has tons of steep climbs so our workout clothes weren’t an entire embarrassment. We spent a few hours exploring and snacking at an adorable cafe near the gardens. The day wouldn’t have been complete without sneaking onto the grounds of the famed Chèvre d’Or Hotel (Relais & Châteaux can do no wrong) and romantically defiling a plant with our initials. A perfect mini-outing in the French Riviera.

And anyone wondering if we ever made it to the gym after: the answer is always yes!


  1. PriVin said:

    Great pic.. Going there this summer.. can’t wait!

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      • PriVin said:

        We are going to be in Nice for 5 days .. Barcelona for 5 .. Andalusia for 4!! Planning the day trip .. If you have suggestions let me know .. Going to see the lavender fields and museums is high on my list !!

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      • Monaco is only a 30 minute drive from Nice, so I would absolutely recommend that. Also, a cute artist town called Saint-Paul de Vence which is in the opposite direction!

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  2. You’re blog is amazing! Love the pictures of your travels!
    Thanks for the like on my post, would love if you followed along too as i’m just getting started here in the blogging world!!! 🙂

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  3. Beautiful! Hope to visit there some day. Love your blog!


    • Thank you so much! I hope you get to experience it as well!


  4. Looks so blue and beautiful there! I’m impressed you were able to pry yourselves from those views and make it to the gym.

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  5. Hey thanks for the like on my blog, I’m still new to this so I really appreciate it.

    Your blog is so cool, I love all the photos, there are some really great ones of Amsterdam. I went to Eze a couple of years ago in November and it was still hot enough to be sunbathing.

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