Although I now live in Manhattan, I spent the majority of my adolescence growing up in Upstate New York. I use this term loosely, as the small town I grew up in is actually located below the “Mid-State Line” and only about two hours north of the city–but to anyone not from the area the generalization of Upstate New York is the only way to get the point across. I have come to realize that the majority of people I explain this to actually have no idea that New York State is comprised of anything other than Manhattan, but the state is massive and brimming with amazing natural beauty like lakes, waterfalls, and gentle wildlife. I only bring this up because I have the pleasure of spending my Easter holidays with my family in heart of the Catskill Mountains. Its only a short trip from my apartment, but I’ll take any excuse to travel that I can. Is anyone taking a special, envy-inducing trip for the holiday?